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Junior Classes

Our Junior Program has a series of age and developmental related levels. Please refer to our class schedule for times and dates.

  • Copper  – (Recommended ages 6-8) Develop interest in the sport, teach basic skills such as hand/eye coordination, and swing
  • Bronze I/II – Beginner level: Focus on badminton fundamentals for holding a racket, swing and footwork technique, as well as basic shots
  • Silver I – Early Intermediate level: Focus on individual shots. Refine technique and footwork while introducing more advanced shots and game strategy
  • Silver II – Late Intermediate level: Focus on combining shots together with movement. Teach more games strategy and teamwork
  • Gold I/II – Advanced level: Focus more on fine-tuning shot accuracy, strategy and physical fitness, with an emphasis on introducing students to local and national tournaments
  • Platinum- Highest level: For highly-skilled and serious junior players aiming to compete in local and national tournaments, emphasis on conditioning and physical fitness with advanced strategy


Beginner Level: Copper and Bronze students will have instruction on fundamental athletic skills as a foundation for badminton skills and movements.

Copper – Ages 6-8 recommended

  • Develop hand-eye coordination and movement skills. Progress to use of rackets and hitting.
  • Learning proper technique for holding and swinging a racket
  • Court and gym rules will be taught.

Bronze I- All ages

  • Proper forehand and backhand grips
  • Forehand birdies bounce
  • Backhand birdies bounce
  • Forehand lift (underhand)
  • Backhand lift (underhand)
  • Clear (high/long)
  • Serves
  • Introduction to footwork

Bronze II- All ages

  • Clear and lift/front and back footwork
  • Forehand/backhand net drop
  • Half court practice in order to have consistent rallies

Middle/High School Beginner- Ages 12+ recommended

  • It’s never too late to start! For students in Middle or High School that want to learn badminton as a hobby or prepare for their upcoming school season
  • Cover proper technique of fundamentals from Beginner Level in order to learn the basics of badminton
  • Introduce skills from Intermediate Level in order to help students compete for their school teams or to transition into the Silver curriculum
Note: An assessment for new students is required for the following classes
Intermediate Level: Once students have learned the proper technique for basic shots and footwork, they will have more intensive instruction on shot technique and movement with a focus on future competitive badminton in Silver I and II.

Silver I

*Bronze students will move up to Silver I based on coach’s discretion. Coaches may recommend a skill assessment.
  • Forehand flat drive and footwork
  • Backhand flat drive and footwork
  • Forehand net kills and footwork
  • Smashes
  • Footwork- hitting backcourt shots into frontcourt shots
  • Drop shots from the backcourt
  • Emphasis on half-court games while introducing singles and doubles

Silver II

*Silver I students who do well during an in-class competition (half-court singles) assessment will be considered to move up to Silver II under coach’s discretion
  • Backhand net kills and footwork
  • Smash block shots
  • Singles/doubles game rules
  • Offense and defensive strategy, including doubles rotation
  • Emphasis on accuracy and control for all types of shots
  • Improving footwork to play singles and doubles efficiently

Gold I/II

Gold and Platinum students who want to be serious about competitive badminton, the training will focus on strategy and physical ability to play competitive singles and doubles in local and national tournaments
*Silver II students who do well during an in-class competition (full-court singles) assessment will be considered to move up to Gold I under coach’s discretion
**All Gold students will take part in a bi-sessional competitive assessment (full-court singles) to place into Gold I or II
  • Work on advanced shots, footwork, and mental preparation for tournament play.
  • Game situational play and anticipation
  • Physical conditioning
  • Improving utilization of strategy


*Platinum students are selected based on Gold assessment results and coach’s discretion
  • Advanced strategy
  • Emphasis on improving physical fitness
  • Regular participation in local and/or national tournaments


Adult Classes 

At SBC we offer… Please see classes
Beginner – players just starting or have some experience, but want to enhance their skills.
Intermediate –  players that can execute basic shots but need consistency, more fitness, movement skills and a better  backhand! Practice, practice and practice. and learn new ways to execute those “panic shots”. Yes, all is attainable.
Advanced – For the player that has spurts of genius, mediocrity,  and humbling. There is always room for improvement whether it be better accuracy, faster feet, more endurance, mental preparation, nutrition or  relaxation to bring your out your best game.  We can keep improving with focused effort.

Beginner Class 

We will work on improving:
  • Grip and basic shots will be covered – serve, overhead and net
  • Movement patterns for doubles
  • Clarifying official rules of badminton
  • Shot consistency and accuracy
  • Movement technique
  • Positional awareness

Intermediate Class 

Develop more weapons for your game.
  • Improve overhead shots
  • More power
  • Expanding footwork
  • Net technique
  • Backhand shots
  • And much more!
Enjoy working on your game through shot control and footwork to take your game to another level.

Adult Advanced Class 

Improve your overall game with drills, skills, and physical attributes to improve singles or double play

SBC Team training (invitation only)

Athletes interested in honing their skills for more competitive play or tournaments. They have advanced skills and a desire to play local to national tournaments. (assessment  necessary)
  • Refinement of shot accuracy, consistency and development of advanced shots.
  • Game tactics and strategy
  • Match preparation, relaxation techniques and focus strategies.
  • Physical training to improve movement control, speed and endurance.