Q: What are the SBC office hours?

A: Mon-Fri: 2pm-10pm, Sat: 10am-7pm, Sun: 10am-6pm


Q: Can I come in during non Drop in hour?

A: Yes if you are a SBC member, or if you are sponsored by a SBC member. The SBC member gym access time is 7am-11pm everyday. If you are a guest being sponsored by a SBC member, you need to do self-service registration for your drop-in.


Q: Are there any blockout days for the gym?

A: Yes. The club will likely host several big badminton events every year. During the event time, part of or the whole gym may be reserved for the club activities. SBC will make announcement before the events actually happen.


Q: What are the members’ benefits?

A: Membership benefits include but not limit to:

  • Free play every day between 7am-11pm. Key card automatic access for any member 16 or older
  • Free and higher priority for those ‘members only’ programs including ladders, organized play, and newbie class.
  • Discount rate for pro shop items.
  • Discount rate for classes and private lessons
  • Free for loaner racket rental


Q: What is the definition of a family?

A: Parents and their children under 18 years old


Q: Do you have member referral program?

A: Yes, we do! For each new membership account referred by our existing SBC member, we issue a $20 pro-shop coupon and two free one day guest drop-in passes to the existing member.



Q: Is there a fee to replace lost or stolen membership card?

A: Yes. For each card with key access, there is a $20+tax charge for card replacement. For each card without key access, there is a $10+tax charge.


Q: What is the suspension policy?

A: All following should be met for each membership suspension:

  • Written request (email is sufficient) must be sent to SBC by the 20th of the month to put membership account on hold for the following month.
  • Membership suspension will only apply for calendar month. For example, if a member submits a request on 06/15, the earliest day he can suspend his membership is 07/01
  • SBC will collect $10+tax per account for 1-3 months suspension. An additional suspension fee will apply when suspending for longer than 3 months.
  • Member needs to return his/her SBC card before the suspension effective date. If the member comes to SBC during the suspension period, he/she will be treated as a guest
  • Member will get back his/her membership card from SBC when resuming membership.
  • SBC will charge pro-rated monthly membership fee when members resume early.


Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: A member submit cancellation request anytime to SBC. Following policies will apply:

  • Written request (email is sufficient) must be sent to SBC by the 20th of the month to cancel membership account for the following month.
  • SBC will bill until the end of a calendar month. For example, if a member submits a request on 06/21, the earliest day he can cancel his membership is 08/01
  • Member needs to return all SBC membership cards to SBC before the cancellation effective date. Otherwise there will be a $20 per card charge for not returning the cards