Membership Cancellation and Suspension

The Member acknowledges that unless notice of termination is given by either the Member or the Club in the manner provided herein in Section 2.4, the membership is automatically renewed on a month-to-month basis at the end of the initial term of this agreement and at the end of each subsequent renewed term, and the Member is responsible for the membership dues for the renewal period(s).


SBC Cancellation Form

SBC Suspension Form

*Please return all membership cards associated with your membership account to the SBC by the end of the month to not be charged for membership for the following month.

Seattle Badminton Membership Cancellation Policy2.4 Transfers, Cancellations and Suspensions:

2.4.1 Non-Transferable Membership: Member acknowledges that the membership is non-transferable.
2.4.2 Cancellation by Member: The Member may cancel this membership agreement at any time by providing Notice of Cancellation to the Club in the manner provider herein in Section 2.5. In the event that the Member cancel the membership, the Member shall remain responsible for any amount due to the Club and shall not be entitled to refund of any membership dues paid.
2.4.3 Cancellation by Club: The Club may terminate the Member’s membership at any time. In the event that the Club terminates the Member’s membership, the Member shall be entitled to refund of the pro-rated membership dues, except the Initiation Fees.

2.5 Notice of Cancellation:
2.5.1 To the Club: Member’s Notice of Cancellation to the Club shall be in writing and shall be received by Seattle Badminton Club by the 20th of the current month to cancel membership effective for the following month. The Notice of Cancellation must be mailed via registered mail to: Seattle Badminton Club, Attn. Membership, 10858 117th Place NE, Kirkland, WA 98033. Effective Date of a cancellation must be the last day of a calendar month and the Member is responsible for any monthly dues prior to the Effective Date.
2.5.2 To the Member: The Club reserves the right to terminate this membership in its sole and arbitrary discretion. Club’s Notice of Cancellation and/or Suspension must be in writing and must be mailed via registered mail or hand delivery to the Member. Mailing Notice to the Member shall be effective by mailing to the Member’s address identified herein above in Section 1.

2.6 Late Fees & Charges: The Member agrees to pay a finance charge of 1.5% per month (annual percentage rate of 18%) on any account balance thirty (30) days past due. Member further agrees that in the event that the account is in collection, to pay any fees and/or expenses that the Club incurs, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees, collection fees, and cost of collection. A twenty-five ($25) dollar charge will be assessed for returned payments, insufficient funds, or stop payments.