Singles Ladder

The Singles Ladder happens every Sunday at 5:30pm. During this session you will have the opportunity play 5-6 singles games against players of similar level in a Round Robin format.

Players are placed into brackets A, B, and C depending on their average score from the last four session they have participated in. Players who are new to the Singles Ladder will get an initial score based on their own perceived level combined with the organizer’s evaluation. The Singles Ladder uses the same scoring matrix as the Fixed-Partner Ladder for which you can see the detailed break down here.

After the Singles Ladder is complete all players are welcome to stay and challenge other players across brackets!

The maximum capacity for the Singles Ladder is 21 players for each session. Please register early each week to reserve your spot!

Singles Ladder registration closes every Sunday afternoon at 3pm. SBC will not guarantee ladder participation to players who registered late or showed up without registration.

To sign up, please go to the ladder signup page and choose the scenario the applies to you:

  • Never participated in any programs:
    • Click on the ‘New to League’ and complete both Step 1 (joining specific ladder program) and Step 2 (creating a ladder program account).
  • Previously participated in a program, but new to the Singles Ladder:
    • Click on the ‘New to League’ and complete only Step 1 and make sure you enter the same email address you use to log into your account (email address entered when you completed Step 2).
  • Previously participated in the Singles Ladder or just completed any of the above steps:
    • Select the Singles Ladder and Log in to your account. Then select the date you want to sign up for and click the ‘Register’ button.

If for any reason your schedule changes and can not make the ladder, please respect the other players by unregister yourself as soon as possible.

For any questions or suggestions you might have, please email us at

No Show Penalty:

Following situation will end with a NO SHOW PENALTY (5 points). This penalty will be applied to the player’s final score for four weeks.

  • The Player registered for the session and not showed up without notifying SBC 2 hour before league start time.
  • The player did not complete all of his/her scheduled games without prior approval of the on-duty league manager.